The Squirrel’ is a breathtakingly beautiful story about a red squirrel, an unlikely friendship, and how the coming of springtime can change everything in the pine forest where the red squirrel lives.

Red the squirrel is stocking-up on food for the long winter ahead and he meets Whiskers his best friend, and Her Ladyship. When he returns to the stores where he’s stashed his food he finds them empty. He sees that grey squirrels have invaded the forest and it is these squirrels that are eating all his food. Just when he really needs help, a pine marten comes to the rescue and an unlikely friendship begins.


‘The Squirrel’ is a children’s fictional story based on fact. It is an adventure story about friendship, trust and what can happen when animals work together as a team.

The Squirrel

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Lunn Learning is pioneering a different approach to educating children about nature, wildlife and conservation to include ethical & moral principles. The stories are produced as books, audiobooks, playscripts and videos.


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