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Meet Fiona Lunn

Fiona's Background


I was born near Leeds in 1959 and always consider myself to be a ‘Yorkshire Lass’. 


My father was a Financial Chartered Accountant and my mother was a Private  Secretary. Dad taught radar in the RAF during the Second World War; his father was a semi-professional pianist and organist (Leeds Cathedral) and worked as an Engineer’s Fitter for a local engineering company; his mother was an amateur opera singer and housewife. 

With such a varied ancestry, I suppose I could have ended-up being many things, however I have a scientific mind - I preferred to play with my brother’s mechanical crane than my dolls – and I have always had a passion for Mathematics - I did maths problems during play-afternoons at primary school rather than playing with toys. 


I was born to be a teacher; my favourite game as a child was to chalk sums on my blackboard and easel to teach a fantasy classroom, and I often explained Maths A-level to help my friends in Sixth Form.

"I gained an honours degree in ‘Metallurgy and Science of Materials’ from the University of Oxford in 1981 and I was awarded my MA in 1984. After my Finals I promised myself that I would never sit another exam again and so far I have kept my promise!"

It is a great joy that I have tutored thousands of children for the whole of my working life. I particularly enjoy tutoring the young ones because I find them delightful and challenging, taxing and rewarding, fun-loving and keen to learn. I occasionally form a special bond with my students; many keep in contact with me and one became a very close friend and my bridesmaid.

I now write educational stories for young children. They are works of fiction based on fact to educate children about nature, wildlife and conservation in an enjoyable and entertaining way by reading stories about wildlife set in their natural environments.

Personal missions are to:

  • Establish and promote children’s educational fiction as a new genre of children’s stories to educate children in a non-academic and entertaining way

  • Continue to utilise my teaching experience and expertise by providing alternative educational resources for children in all styles of learning – verbal, visual, physical and aural – to embrace all children’s learning styles and abilities in a holistic and all-inclusive way

  • Give financial and hands-on assistance to charities and trusts for children and wildlife 

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