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About 'The Trilogy of Trilogies'

Lunn Learning will publish nine stories written as a trilogy of trilogies. All the stories are works of fiction based on fact.  They create the opportunity for children to learn about nature, wildlife and conservation, and about human ethics and morals without being taught formally.

The Squirrel

‘The Squirrel’ is an adventure story about red squirrels and pine martens. It is set in a Scots pine forest during autumn, winter and the following spring. Children learn about nature in a forest and how the seasons affect the animals’ habitat and behaviour.


SLD and MKG are suitable for children aged 4 - 9. The stories are ideal to be read-out-loud by parents/grandparents and by teachers in a classroom environment, and are also suitable for children who can read fluently. 

The Lion

‘The Lion’ is a tender love story about lions, lionesses and cubs. It is set in African savannah over a period of years. Children learn about the relationships between lions in a pride and between lions and humans.

Coming Soon

The Duck

‘The Duck’ is a comical story about a duck. It is set on a river in the countryside during a single day and afterwards. Children learn about the huge variety of wildlife in a river, along the riverbank and in the surrounding countryside.

Coming Soon

The Monkey

‘The Monkey’ is a detective story about an animal that thinks it’s a monkey and sets-out on an investigation to see if it is one. It is set in various habitats of a wide variety of primates as the animal tries to solve the puzzle. Children learn about the classification of primates and about human taxonomy, and they use the skills they develop through the story to decide what species the animal actually is.

Coming Soon

The Kingfisher

‘The Kingfisher’ is a fascinating story about a kingfisher from the time it hatches to when it’s an adult. It is set on a river in an urban park in Britain and describes how changes in the park affect the river habitat and the bird’s future. Children learn many interesting facts about birds from egg to maturity and some unusual things about kingfishers that make them such special birds.

Coming Soon


SLD and MKG are suitable for children aged 4 - 9. The stories are ideal to be read-out-loud by parents/grandparents and by teachers in a classroom environment, and are also suitable for children who can read fluently. 

The Giraffe

‘The Giraffe’ is a tale of wonder about the giraffe. It is set in African savannah and follows a herd of giraffes over a year. Children learn about the giraffe’s incredible anatomy, its behaviour and ecology, and about how savannahs are biologically diverse and populated by an astonishing community of animal life that walks, crawls and flies.

Coming Soon

The Crocodile

‘The Crocodile’ is a thrilling story about the Crocodilia order of reptiles. It is set in a variety of wetland habitats in the tropics. The story describes how crocodilians are capable of prevailing over almost any animal that enter their territories. Children learn about the similarities and differences between the crocodile, alligator, caiman and gharial, and they learn about the ‘Reptilian Brain’ of the human.

Coming Soon


CJE is suitable for children aged 9-12. The stories are written with more advanced vocabulary and complex sentence structure, and produced with minimal illustrations. Preadolescence can bring its own challenges and anxieties; these stories address some of the emotional difficulties that children face at this stage of their development.

The Jester

‘The Jester’ is an entertaining story about two children having fun in the countryside. It is set in the Yorkshire Dales and the story describes how their new-found friendship develops as they discover things about nature, about each other and about themselves. Children learn about understanding and dealing with their emotions, and how nature can be both calming and exciting.

Coming Soon

The Elephant

‘The Elephant’ is a beautiful story about a baby elephant and hisfamily herd. It is set in sub-Saharan Africa and the story describes the daily life of the herd as it moves between a variety of habitats. Children learn about the intricate social networks and strong relationships between members of the elephant herd. By learning about the complex social and emotional behaviour of elephants, children begin to understand more about their own emotions.

Coming Soon

Entertaining and Educational

Each book contains an ‘Information’ section at the back which provides some of the facts on which the story is based, plus a list of website resources for further reading.  This will also help to promote the charities, trusts and organisations that directly relate to each story.


Play scripts for each story are available to enable children to act-out the stories in schools, clubs and societies.

The Charities and Networks That Benefit

Lunn Learning has pledged that all profits will provide funding for various children’s charities and wildlife charities & trusts in the British Isles.

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