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The Squirrel

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The Squirrel

Written by Fiona Lunn and Published by Lunn Learning.

‘The Squirrel’ is an adventure story about red squirrels and pine martens. It is set in a Scots pine forest during autumn, winter and the following spring. Children learn about nature in a forest and how the seasons affect the animals’ habitat and behaviour.

"The Squirrel is a lovely story about red squirrels and pine martens. I enjoyed reading it and I'm sure lots of children will love reading it too."

Iolo Williams - Wildlife Expert and TV Presenter

Charities and Trusts That Benefit

Lunn Learning is a community-serving non-profit organisation. Lunn Learning has therefore pledged that all profits will provide funding for various children’s charities and wildlife charities & trusts in the British Isles.

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